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My career...

From a young age I have had a passion for being afloat which has led me to be an aspiring deck officer offshore. Post leaving school in the year 2020 aged 16 I was searching for a placement within the maritime industry to start my career. Due to my age, gender and Covid-19 this was not as easy as some might assume. 

I was struck with my first hurdle when my original placment with a shipping company on the River Thames fell through thanks to corona virus. To overcome this at short notice i reached out to various companies however no luck was to come from this as my age and gender came into play.

With help from my family and contacts made whilst setting up my original apprenticeship on the thames, we were able to craft an apprenticeship that fit to be able to work aboard my Fathers trawler gaining seatime as well as experience whilst also attending courses gaining qualifications.

After 6 months trawling, I was approached by Cattewater Harbour Commisioners to which I jumped at the opportunity to be shown their vessels and go for a spin aboard their shiny new Pilot boat. After falling in love with the idea working aboard Tugs, pilot vessels and a Multi-catte I was soon enough getting covered in mud and climbing pilot ladders.