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Power boat level 2 

This two-day course provides the skills and background knowledge needed to drive a powerboat and is the basis of the International Certificate of Competence. Training is aimed at smaller motorboats and RIBs, often under 10 metres.It offers essential training to become familiar with driving, mooring, navigation and boat safety, and includes close quarters handling, high speed manoeuvres, man overboard recovery and collision regulations.

On the day

Make sure to take a passport photo, a warm set of clothes and an additional pair of wellies or non-slip shoes (avoiding black soles) & suncream! 

This course was heavily practical and consisted of lots of time on the water. No knowledge is neccessary prior to the course however a basic understanding of buoyage, weather and tides wont do any harm.

There were two students including myself on this course as well as our instructor. This allowed time for any uncertainties or misunderstandings to be addressed and more practice to be taken place upon the water.




The small amount of classroom time was spent covering a basic understanding of:

* Buoyage

* Weather 

* Tides

* Knot

* Personal buoyancy

* trailing and launching

* towing 


On the water we covered: 

* Basic understanding of outboard engines


* Mooring ( on a buoy as well as pontoon)

*  Basic manouvering

* Anchoring

* Colregs

we also put everything we did in the classroom into practice whilst on the water