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Day Skipper Practical 

RYA Day Skipper Motor is for new skippers who intend to undertake short passages in familiar waters by day. It covers boat handling, navigation and skippering techniques to run your own boat. This course is over 4 days and is a continuous assessment. You should have two days practical experience on a motor cruiser.

On the day 

Make sure to take a passport photo and a set of warm clothes.

My Day Skipper Practical was definitely an experience and a half! My practical element took place in Plymouth, Devon surrounded by a multitude of marine vessels including RFA ships, Ferries, Tugs, Police launches, a submarine and more.

I was occumpanied by one other student as well as our instructor. We were rather fortunate with the weather to say it was mid January, It certainly assisted our four days upon the water.

Everything covered in the Day Skipper Theory was put into practice on the Practical which allowed us to join the dots to any concerns we had post the theory course.

The best advice I can give is to listen to the insructor...they know what they're doing! I would also advise to learn a few basic knots before hand i.e. clove hitch, bowline and cleat hitch (if unsure, you can find demonstrations on youtube).


* Preparation for Sea

* Boat Handling

* Navigation & Pilotage

* Meteorology

* IRPCS ( Colregs)

* Engines

* Night Cruising

* Passage Making