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Day Skipper Theory

RYA Day Skipper Theory course equips you with enough knowledge to navigate around familiar waters by day. A basic knowledge of lights is also included to introduce you to night cruising. This course is taught over 5 days with two exam papers, it can be covered through a series of evening classes, weekend sessions or as a week-long course.

On the day

Make sure to take a form of photo identification. Everything necessary was provided however I highly recommend taking a calculator!

They call it "Theory" for a reason! This course was entirely classroom based and consisted of lots and lots of theory. If planning to do this course TAKE A NOTEPAD ( I filled up 3/4 mine over the 5 days!)

Overall I found this course challenging at points due to so much new information, however after lots of note taking and questions, everything began to interlink and make sense. Despite the challenging parts, I thoroughly enjoyed this course and cannot wait to take my new skills offshore and put them into practice.

The only advise I can give is to pay attention, revise, be committed and to keep calm and carry on.


* Chartwork

* Position Fixing

* Course to Steer

* Meteorology

* Tides

* Collision Regulations

* Parts of a Boat & Equipment

* Emergency Procedures

* Coastal Navigation