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Personal safety, Social responsiblities and proficiency in Security Awareness

This training is now required by all personnel employed or engaged onboard ships which the ISPS code applies (International Ship and Port Security Code). This applies to any vessel over 500 gross tonnage as well as port facilities serving these vessels.

This half day course is based on Regulation VI/6, paragraph 1 and Section A-VI/6, paragraph 4 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended.

The objective of the course is to provide the necessary knowledge, understanding and proficiency to personnel intending to work on ships who will not have any designated security duties.

As a result of this training you will be aware of the importance of ship security and the roles of those involved in its provision. You will be aware of the requirements and measures to maintain ship security and be able to recognise and report a security threat.

On the day 

Make sure to take a form of photo identification.

As always I was welcomed in and asked to introduce myself to the other students. The teacher talked us through the syllabus with the help of videos, showing things like past acts of piracy and smuggling. A lot of time when in these classes people have lots of stories with past experiences which really put things in perspective. This module was classroom based and included lots of class disscussions as well as roleplay.


* ISPS ( International Ship & Port Facility Security Code)

* Threats & Maritime Security

* Roles and Responsibilities

* Measures, Procedures & Security Levels

* Counter Piracy, Weapons & Substances

* Techniques for Security Measures