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Elementary first aid

This training is intended to meet the requirements set out in Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code for training in elementary first aid and unit A11 of the marine national occupation standards.

The training forms part of the requirements for basic training for seafarers employed or engaged in any capacity on board ship on the business of that ship as part of the ship’s complement with designated safety or pollution prevention duties in the operation of the ship. The training must be undertaken before new entrants are assigned to any such shipboard duties.

The objective of the training is to give all persons intending to go to sea a basic knowledge of the immediate action to be taken upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency aboard ship.

On the day 

Make sure to take a form of photo identification

This being my first course with SeaRegs i was feeling quite nervous, coupled with the fact it is an area of which that i'm not particually confident nor comfortable with.

This module was classroom based with a group of 5 due to Covid-19. We were provided with a training dummy, defibrillator, gauze and fake arm each to practice with. Although we were unable to practice full CPR on our dummys (due to Covid-19), multiple videos were shown to us regarding how to do so.


*Assessment, Immediate Actions & Priorities, Unconsciousness, Recovery Position, CPR, Drowning, Breathing 

*Shock, Blood Loss, Internal Bleeding, Angina & Heart Attack

*Responsiveness, Head Injury, Hypothermia & Cold Shock, Burns, Sea Sickness & Dehydration, Diabetes, Seizures 

*Fractures, Spinal Injuries, First Aid Kits, Advice, Medivac 

*Category C First Aid Kits, Pocket Masks