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ENG1 Medical

To say I was nervous about taking my ENG1 medical would be an understatement! It was not the physical element that I was concerned about, im confident with regards to my physical and mental health. My issue was I like to be prepared and at this stage in my journey I did not know anyone that had taken it before, so I really did not know what it consisted of. That had me on edge from the get go! I hope this page will put your mind at rest.

On the day

Firstly Relax you got this!  Wear something comfortable. I  wore leggings a hoody and a pair of trainers. Upon arrival I was issued a mask and my temperature was taken, as it was during the Covid-19 pandemic. I was then asked to provide a urine sample (something i had never done before, its as easy as peeing in a cup!) the next step was to go in to the examination room,  I was introduced to the Doctor who asked a few basic questions, mainly what part of the industry I was going to be working in and my job role. The doctor then proceeded to carry out:-

*Height & Weight

*Basic unintrusive examination

*Hearing test

*Blood pressure 

*Eye test

*Balance test

If you would like to know any specific details about any of the tests just drop me an email and I will do my best to explain further.






My medical was conducted by :-

Aquamarine Medicals in Plymouth

Tel: 01752 907742